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clearAgentQueue() - Method in class edu.usc.ict.iago.utils.Mediator
Used when an Event comes in that signals the end of the game.
close(Session) - Static method in class edu.usc.ict.iago.utils.WebSocketUtils
codeMap - Variable in class edu.usc.ict.iago.agent.IAGOCoreMessage
Competition2018GameSpecPart1 - Class in edu.usc.ict.iago.views
Competition2018GameSpecPart1(boolean) - Constructor for class edu.usc.ict.iago.views.Competition2018GameSpecPart1
Competition2018GameSpecPart2 - Class in edu.usc.ict.iago.views
Competition2018GameSpecPart2(boolean) - Constructor for class edu.usc.ict.iago.views.Competition2018GameSpecPart2
Competition2018GameSpecPart3 - Class in edu.usc.ict.iago.views
Competition2018GameSpecPart3(boolean) - Constructor for class edu.usc.ict.iago.views.Competition2018GameSpecPart3
competitive - Variable in class edu.usc.ict.iago.agent.AgentUtilsExtension
configureGame(GameSpec) - Method in class edu.usc.ict.iago.agent.AgentUtilsExtension
Configures initial parameters for the given game.
conflictBATNA(int, int) - Method in class edu.usc.ict.iago.agent.AgentUtilsExtension
determines if a pair of given BATNA's are in conflict, i.e.
connect() - Static method in class edu.usc.ict.iago.utils.DatabaseUtils
Provides a connection to a mySQL database for storing user information and logs.
createUser() - Static method in class edu.usc.ict.iago.utils.DatabaseUtils
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