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UNIQUE_ID - Static variable in class edu.usc.ict.iago.utils.NegotiationRoom
update(String, Object...) - Static method in class edu.usc.ict.iago.utils.DatabaseUtils
Sanitize method for updates (and inserts)
updateAdverseEvents(int) - Method in class edu.usc.ict.iago.agent.IAGOBuildingBehavior
updateAdverseEvents(int) - Method in class edu.usc.ict.iago.agent.IAGOCompetitiveBehavior
updateAdverseEvents(int) - Method in class edu.usc.ict.iago.agent.IAGOCoreBehavior
Allows you to change the adverse Events counter, which weakens the agent's margin
updateAdverseEvents(int) - Method in class edu.usc.ict.iago.agent.RepeatedFavorBehavior
updateAllocated(Offer) - Method in class edu.usc.ict.iago.agent.IAGOBuildingBehavior
updateAllocated(Offer) - Method in class edu.usc.ict.iago.agent.IAGOBuildingBehaviorPlusPlus
updateAllocated(Offer) - Method in class edu.usc.ict.iago.agent.IAGOCompetitiveBehavior
updateAllocated(Offer) - Method in class edu.usc.ict.iago.agent.IAGOCoreBehavior
Update the internal representation of what offers are considered "firm" currently.
updateAllocated(Offer) - Method in class edu.usc.ict.iago.agent.RepeatedFavorBehavior
updateHistory(Event) - Method in class edu.usc.ict.iago.utils.History
Adds an event to the total history and either opponent history or user history.
updateOrderings(ArrayList<ArrayList<Integer>>) - Method in class edu.usc.ict.iago.agent.IAGOCoreMessage
updateOrderings(ArrayList<ArrayList<Integer>>) - Method in class edu.usc.ict.iago.agent.RepeatedFavorMessage
updateSocket(HttpSession, Session) - Method in class edu.usc.ict.iago.utils.NegotiationRoom
user1 - Variable in class edu.usc.ict.iago.utils.NegotiationRoom
user2 - Variable in class edu.usc.ict.iago.utils.NegotiationRoom
USER_DB - Static variable in class edu.usc.ict.iago.utils.DatabaseUtils
USER_ID - Static variable in class edu.usc.ict.iago.utils.History
UserSession(HttpSession, Session) - Constructor for class edu.usc.ict.iago.utils.NegotiationRoom.UserSession
utils - Variable in class edu.usc.ict.iago.utils.Mediator
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