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tag - Variable in class edu.usc.ict.iago.utils.WebSocketUtils.JsonObject
takeForAgent() - Method in class edu.usc.ict.iago.utils.Mediator
Takes an Event from the queue so that the VHRunner can use the Event.
toString() - Method in class edu.usc.ict.iago.utils.History
Returns a stringified version of the history, in three sections: the user history, opponent history, and total history.
toString() - Method in class edu.usc.ict.iago.utils.NegotiationRoom.UserSession
toString() - Method in class edu.usc.ict.iago.utils.Offer
A method to format Offers in an easy to read String.
toString() - Method in class edu.usc.ict.iago.utils.Preference
A method to turn the Preference into plaintext.
transmitMsg(Session, String) - Method in class edu.usc.ict.iago.utils.NegotiationRoom
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