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randomPref() - Method in class edu.usc.ict.iago.agent.AgentUtilsExtension
Finds a random, accurate preference
reconcileContradictions() - Method in class edu.usc.ict.iago.agent.AgentUtilsExtension
Eliminates invalid orderings by looking at preferences, the oldest ones first.
register(HttpSession, Session) - Static method in class edu.usc.ict.iago.utils.Governor
registerUser(HttpSession, Session) - Method in class edu.usc.ict.iago.utils.NegotiationRoom
rejectResponse - Variable in class edu.usc.ict.iago.agent.IAGODefaultMessage
rejectResponse - Variable in class edu.usc.ict.iago.agent.RepeatedFavorMessage
removeUser(HttpSession) - Static method in class edu.usc.ict.iago.utils.Governor
called when a user closes the negotiating page before it finishes
RepeatedFavorBehavior - Class in edu.usc.ict.iago.agent
RepeatedFavorBehavior(RepeatedFavorBehavior.LedgerBehavior) - Constructor for class edu.usc.ict.iago.agent.RepeatedFavorBehavior
RepeatedFavorBehavior.LedgerBehavior - Enum in edu.usc.ict.iago.agent
RepeatedFavorExpression - Class in edu.usc.ict.iago.agent
RepeatedFavorExpression() - Constructor for class edu.usc.ict.iago.agent.RepeatedFavorExpression
RepeatedFavorMessage - Class in edu.usc.ict.iago.agent
RepeatedFavorMessage(boolean, boolean, RepeatedFavorBehavior.LedgerBehavior) - Constructor for class edu.usc.ict.iago.agent.RepeatedFavorMessage
Constructor for a positive message.
requestDestroyed(ServletRequestEvent) - Method in class edu.usc.ict.iago.utils.RequestListener
requestInitialized(ServletRequestEvent) - Method in class edu.usc.ict.iago.utils.RequestListener
RequestListener - Class in edu.usc.ict.iago.utils
This class forces an HttpRequest to generate a Session, which does not always happen behind reverse proxies.
RequestListener() - Constructor for class edu.usc.ict.iago.utils.RequestListener
resetConcessionCurve() - Method in class edu.usc.ict.iago.agent.IAGOCompetitiveBehavior
When the opponent sends a new BATNA value, the VH starts a new concession curve from the "top" of the graph.
ResourceGameSpec - Class in edu.usc.ict.iago.views
ResourceGameSpec(boolean) - Constructor for class edu.usc.ict.iago.views.ResourceGameSpec
run() - Method in class edu.usc.ict.iago.utils.VHRunner
The run method for this thread.
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