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pairWith(GeneralNegotiator) - Method in class edu.usc.ict.iago.utils.GeneralNegotiator
pairs two negotiators by making them adversaries of each other.
pendingAgentEvent() - Method in class edu.usc.ict.iago.utils.Mediator
Called by the associated VHRunner to determine whether or not this Mediator holds an Event for it to look at.
Preference - Class in edu.usc.ict.iago.utils
Preference() - Constructor for class edu.usc.ict.iago.utils.Preference
Default constructor for Preference.
Preference(Preference) - Constructor for class edu.usc.ict.iago.utils.Preference
Constructor for Preference that makes a copy of another Preference.
Preference(int, int, Preference.Relation, boolean) - Constructor for class edu.usc.ict.iago.utils.Preference
Creates a preference that stores the issue numbers, a simple relation, and whether the preference represents a query or a statement.
Preference.Relation - Enum in edu.usc.ict.iago.utils
Relations describe the logical relation between preferences.
prefToEnglish(Preference, GameSpec) - Static method in class edu.usc.ict.iago.agent.IAGOCoreMessage
preProcessEvent(Event) - Method in class edu.usc.ict.iago.utils.NegotiationRoom
previouslyOffered - Variable in class edu.usc.ict.iago.agent.AgentUtilsExtension
processEvent(Event, Session) - Method in class edu.usc.ict.iago.utils.GameBridgeUtils
Processes an individual event and adds appropriate events to the history and/or the queue to be sent to opposing agent
properties - Variable in class edu.usc.ict.iago.utils.GameSpec
proposal - Variable in class edu.usc.ict.iago.agent.IAGODefaultMessage
proposal - Variable in class edu.usc.ict.iago.agent.RepeatedFavorMessage
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